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La Cena Foods (Formerly Vicente Puig & Co.) was founded by Don Vicente Puig in Cuba in 1923 and grew to be one of the most important Cuban firms in the food industry. In 1960, Don Vicente and his son, Vicente Puig, moved to the United States and were faced with the necessity of a brand new start. In 1963 they restarted the firm in a small 3,000 sq.ft loft in Brooklyn, NY, and began to build the new Vicente Puig & Co. In only three years, their efforts were rewarded by a volume of business which made expansion necessary, and they moved to a 12,000 sq.ft. store in the Bronx, NY in 1966.


Brooklyn, NY, 1963


Bronx, NY, 1966


Due to the continuous growth on November 1970, they moved to a 35,000 sq.ft. facility located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and again in 1974, to Saddle Brook, New Jersey where the headquarters are currently located.


East Rutherford, NJ, 1970


Saddle Brook, NJ, 1972-2011

    Mr. Vicente Puig gives all the credit to his father Don Vicente who with his vision, optimism, ethics and hard work, guided the firm to a continued growth. Don Vicente is still recalled as a business owner who knew all his clients personally and as a gentile and kind person to deal with by his clients and employees. According to Mr. Vicente Puig , he is grateful to his father, the suppliers for their commitment to the quality of their products, and to all La Cena employees who have contributed to its continuous growth and success.

Today, La Cena trademark is a well-established, highly accepted brand, committed to quality, with an attractive product line catering to the many fast growing Hispanic ethnic groups. La Cena also represents well-known manufacturer owned brand name products on an exclusive basis.

La Cena covers the geographical territories of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and continues it's expansion with new products and distributors across the United States.

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